Don't repeat yourself

Each time you send an answer in Replies, it will be saved for future use including potential attachments. The more you reuse a reply, the higher it will rank for auto completion. You can also improve them on the fly and keep them up to date.

Scheduled sending

Getting to Inbox Zero is easy with Replies. Schedule the time a message is sent depending on its urgency.

Everything in one place

Reply across multiple channels (e.g. Email, Twitter, etc.), everything in one place.

Smart Contact Form

Mark frequent replies as suggestions and make them popup in your contact form while your customer is typing. This leaves your client with instant answers and saves time on your end as well.


Know exactly how many times an specific answer was given or how frequent a suggestion was served via the smart contact form. And learn from your clients questions to improve your services and products.

Other Features

Multiple team members
Multiple languages
Language recognition
Product recognition
Drop-in SDK for macOS

Totally Simple Pricing

Your team starts with a 30 days free trial.
No credit card is required to sign up.

After your trial you pay $12 per user/month.

Try it free
30 days free trial.
No credit card required.

"Houdah Software is a small development studio in Luxembourg. We provide support in English, German, French and Luxembourgish for all of our products including HoudahSpot and HoudahGeo. Replies helps us by automatically providing common answers for the right product in the required language."

Pierre Bernard, Houdah Software

Products using Replies to service you

CheatSheet, DynaMite, GrandTotal, HoudahGeo, Mailplane, Receipts, Timings, Umsatz