Don't repeat yourself!

Each time you send an answer, it will be saved for future use - including potential attachments. The more you reuse a reply, the higher it will rank for auto-completion. Improve your replies on the fly and keep them up to date.

Write your own plugins

Provide your own suggestions with just a few lines of code. For example, look up a license directly from within Replies and embed it into your response.
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Scheduled sending

Wouldn't it be nice to start the week with an empty inbox? Respond whenever it's convenient and let Replies deliver your messages at the appropriate time. Read about our take on it in our blog post.

Smart contact form

Leave your clients with instant answers and save time with our smart contact form. Mark frequent replies as suggestions so they can appear in your contact form while your customer is typing.

Keep everything in one place

Stay organized! Reply across multiple channels (e.g. email, Twitter, etc.) while keeping all your conversations in one place.


Get to know your clients' needs! With our analytics, you can find out exactly how many times a specific answer was given or how frequent a suggestion was accepted via the smart contact form. Learn from your clients' questions to improve your services and products.

Drop-in SDK

Drop our macOS SDK into your app and get a powerful support dialog with screen-capture and screen-recording capabilities.

            #import <RepliesSDK/RepliesSDK.h>

            [[RepliesIO sharedReplies] setAPIHost:@""];
            [[RepliesIO sharedReplies] setProductName:@"Hello World"];
            [[RepliesIO sharedReplies] setFormIdentifier:@"x"];
            [[RepliesIO sharedReplies] presentWindow:self];

Replies for macOS & iOS

With its built-in annotation editor, Replies for macOS makes sending explanatory screenshots and videos a breeze.

Get Replies for macOS from us and download Replies for iOS from the AppStore.

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"Replies doesn't take long to get set up, and has already saved me that time several times over — time that I can now spend on making great apps instead. If you care about giving your customers a great support experience, you need to check out!"

Daniel Alm, Timing

"Replies helped me to get support under control and saves me a lot of time. I don't want to miss it anymore."

Dirk Holtwick, Receipts

"Houdah Software is a small software development studio in Luxembourg. We provide support in English, German, French and Luxembourgish for all of our products including HoudahSpot and HoudahGeo. Replies helps us by automatically providing common answers for the right product in the required language."

Pierre Bernard, Houdah Software

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