Don't get into deep water with your support mails

Replies helps to reduce the effort required to process customer enquiries to a minimum. Numerous functions optimize the entire process - from receiving to resolving the request.


A good customer service is available at any given time. Our forms help your customers to get their requests posted quickly. Often the form already has the right solution ready, because it searches for possible answers while typing.


Messages that are received by replies via e-mail, web form or Twitter can be answered in no time with automatically generated text modules including explanatory images or videos.


If a team member is unable to deal with a problem personally, it is forwarded to the appropriate team mate with just one click. A chat helps to exchange internal information between employees.


Replies can be seamlessly connected to the existing IT infrastructure with small customizations. For example, information on an open order can be queried in replies and forwarded directly to the customer.

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