How to control your inbox

-> Write into messages - don’t need to do messy referentiations -> Use snippets (can also contain variables) -> Language & Product detection helps to find the right snippet -> Use todos for requests you can’t answer immediately (= I’ll take care of it later) -> Use delays to slow down the back and forth and give each message more importance -> Use Meta-Data & Lookup of other messages from the same customer to put yourself into the shoes of your customer -> Use Custom Plugins to access your data directly from your inbox

How to reduce the amount of messages you get

-> In-app and web contact-form suggestions -> FAQ section above contact-form

How to manage requests you can’t answer immediately

-> Assign Todos in Replies to keep similar requests together -> Review todos in regular intervals using tags -> Link to Github as soon as you start working on it - not earlier -> Backlink from Github to followup with customers

How to collaborate with team members

-> Write comments directly into the message -> Collision detection -> Snippet sharing -> Todo notes

What can I learn from reports

-> How many messages did I receive and how many responses did I write -> Who are our most active customers -> Self-Service: What is most helpful for our customers -> Which snippets are most in use -> Who from our team is responding how much -> What is the first and overall response time -> How many replies do we write on average per thread


How to write a custom plugin

How to integrate a contact-form into your website

How to forward emails to the email channel

How to support via Twitter

How to configure multiple products

How to handle multiple teams