Should you reply to customer support questions over the weekend? Answering emails on a weekend is a good thing - until your customers actually receive your emails.

If you feel like it, there’s no problem with cleaning out your inbox on a weekend. There is nothing more liberating than facing an empty inbox on a Monday morning. However, maybe you should ensure that the emails get delivered during your conventional business hours.

Instead of clicking ‘send’, try scheduling your answers to be sent on the next workday. Nobody expects an answer between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. Do yourself and your customers a favor and do not break with this convention.

While it may look nice to your customer, it won’t feel professional. You don’t want to convey the impression that your product is merely a pet project and that you tinker with in your spare time.

Answers can wait until Monday. You don’t want to raise your customer’s expectations so they think you are available 24/7.