I’m Stefan Fürst, partner at replies.io. In my main business I run Media Atelier.

In Switzerland the VAT changed on January 1st 2018. This required a portion of my GrandTotal customers to adjust the tax rate. This is a pretty simple task when you know how the procedure works and there is also a description in the manual. But, since tax changes happen rarely, it make little sense to give that topic a prominent spot in the help section.

I decided to make use of the new FAQ feature that was recently added to Replies. To my own surprise this worked extremely well and saved me and my users a lot of time.

From December 2017 to April 2018 the statistics look as follows.

German version: 214 clicks on the FAQ vs. 9 manual responses
English version: 87 clicks on the FAQ vs. just one manual response

The rest of my swiss customers figured the method out on their own or found it in the manual.

Meanwhile the popularity of the question dropped significantly and I removed it from the FAQ. However, it still lives on as a live suggestion when someone types one of the keywords like “vat” or “taxes” to my contact form.