thread_id can now be passed as parameter via contact form requests. Replies will then append the request to that conversation instead of creating a new one.

You can use the thread_id parameter in web contact-forms (e.g. as hidden form parameter) and RepliesSDK-macOS supports it since 0.3.1.

In addition there’s a new $ reply variable and a tid parameter for reply suggestion plugins.

Use the $ variable directly in responses or the tid parameter in reply suggestion plugins to send the thread_id to customers.

For example, you could send a link as response which contains the thread_id (e.g.$ to get follow up information (e.g. log files) from the customer directly into the current conversation.

Passing the thread_id does also make the email parameter optional in contact form requests. Since all other parameters are already optional, your contact form could also just send an attachment (e.g. a log file) into an already started conversation.

Sounds complicated? Don’t hesitate to write us if you have any questions. We’re happy to help.