Here’s a roundup of improvements we’ve published in February.

Message Composer

  • Fixed issue where buttons showed a spinner endlessly due to an error in the background (e.g. communication failure).
  • Doesn’t show suggestions anymore if just entering line breaks and/or spaces.
  • Shows ‘RepliesSDK Version’ in case of an in-app contact form request.
  • Fixed issue where enter and arrow keys suddenly stopped working.


Shows some ‘blank slate’ text if the team hasn’t received any messages yet.

Outbound Report

Messages sent outside of Replies (e.g. directly via Gmail) will now also show up in outbound and snippet usage stats.

Settings > Profile

Added ability to change email address in ‘Settings > Profile’. Simply press the pencil on the right side of the email field and enter a new email address.

Mobile (iOS / Android)

  • Prevents horizontal scrolling of messages on smaller screens.
  • Keeps aspect ratio of images if they get re-sized due to smaller screens.

System Status

Introduced page. Replies does automatically forward to that page in case of a downtime.