Here’s a roundup of improvements we’ve published in January.

Scheduled Send

The Send menu has got a new ‘Tomorrow’ option.

Contact Form & Gmail

Requests via contact-form will be forwarded to Gmail if there’s a Gmail account assigned to the contact-form channel. That way initial contact-form requests gets stored in Gmail as well.


Snippet search (sidebar and completion) does now always consider the body, even if a snippet has keywords. Keywords are intended for contact-form look-ups and not for internal usage.

Daily Digest Email

Opt-in for a daily digest email via “Settings > Teams”. It reminds you of open threads in your inbox on a daily basis (you can choose the time). Of course it will only remind you on weekdays.

Messages Composer

  • Write tweets with up to 280 characters.
  • Email addresses will always appear in lower case.
  • Contact name and thus the name in the signature gets capitalized automatically.
  • Contact language overrides the detected language. You can set it for each contact it in the ‘Contacts’ section.
  • Added auto-completion to the recipient field. This is especially useful to compose a new message.
  • Made adding/removing message parts more responsive by removing server roundtrips and implemented proper focus handling.
  • Command-Backspace removes the current part and jumps to the previous one. Command-K removes the current part and remains at the current position.
  • Moved product selection to the left side of the subject line.