Getting started

When setting up replies you should first setup your channels on which your customers can reach you.

Connecting mail

Gmail and G Suite

If you are using Gmail or G Suite by Google you can connect this account and you are ready to go.

Other mail services

On your mail server, forward your mails to
In Replies/Settings/Channels, setup your Mail channel to send mails over your existing account by entering the corresponding host and credentials.

Add your products

Products are used to categorize the incoming messages. Also the snippets are organized by product if you have added them in Replies/Settings/Products




When a message enters replies it is categorized automatically according to your Settings. You may change the language, product or assignee or in the gear button on the bottom left at any time.


The salutation is automatically generated or taken from the contact's settings if this is not the first message to that person. Changes to the salutation are automatically saved for future use.


A reply block is created automatically. Type your answer by either using a snippet or adding free text.
Use separate blocks for each answer - this makes it easier to reuse the automatically created snippets. By hovering over the message you can add more reply blocks at the insertion mark. The recipients text will automatically be quoted.


In case you want to start over, you can reset the message to it’s origin state.


Your messages to be sent in the future. The delay can be changed on top of the message. Undoing sending will make the message editable again.


Messages that have been sent or closed by you recently.


Snippets are created each time you respond to a message. Sorted by recent usage they are offered as autocompletion while you are typing an answer.
If you provide a shortcut, you can find it even faster.
Keywords help while autocompleting and are used for suggestions as well.
You can exclude general snippets like „Thank you very much“ from reports.


Suggestions will show up in your smart forms when a users types one or more you the keywords you have added.


The recent persons you had conversations with.

Todos (optional)

Todos are created from messages. Use Todos if you want to collect a message for later completion. You may assign it to any of the team members and add additional comments to it.


Reports can give to an insight on various aspects over different date ranges. Charts can be splited by product, team member and other attributes. A click on a chart bar will list the corresponding messages .


The messages you received and the most active contacts for the selected period.


The replies that have been sent out and charts showing average response times.


The ten most used snippet in the selected period. Click on a snippet to get a chart.


Replies given by team member. Click on a name to see a chart.




Invite new team members here.
You also may archive members not longer working for your team.


Replies tries to recognize the languages of the incoming messages for assignment. Add all languages you support here.


Add all the products you are supporting. Incoming messages will be automatically categorized if possible.


Messages sent to one of the channels will be classified by product and language and appear in the inbox. Channels are either one way or bidirectional communication paths. If possible, your replies are sent back on the channel they entered replies. Otherwise another channel has to be picked.


Your mail channel is added by default. You can use this for testing and forward your support mails to this address.


When you link replies to gmail, it will import the inbox and analyze answers given in the past in order to generate snippets from your most common answers. Replies will be sent out on the same account.


Use a twitter channel to reply to twitter mentions. Only replies that will fit in twitters character limit can be sent.


Forms are a inbound channel you can either add to your home page or embed in a macOS application. A form channel needs a gmail channel assigned to send replies.


Hockey is a crash reporting service by microsoft. Crashes where an email has been supplied will be imported from Hockey. This channel requires a gmail channel for replying.


For each language setup in Languages you can add a custom salutation based on the customer's name.


Signatures appear at the end of a message and are based on the Languages.


This is a good place to add temporary seasonal greetings or links to upcoming events.


Variables are handy if you want to send out unique coupon codes in messages. E.g.
Thanks for your messages. Please use coupon $couponname when checking out in our online store.
Where couponname is the name of your variable

Keyboard shortcuts


⌘↑Sidebar up
⌘↓Sidebar down
⌘⇧DSend now
⌘⇧LAssign to todo

Text editing

⌘B Bold
⌘⌫ Delete to the start of line
⌘K Remove draft part
⌘⏎ Add draft part

Advanced search

Use following queries to search the lists. Multiple queries can be combined.


Tweet / Not Tweetis:tweet / -is:tweet
Crash / Not Crashis:crash / -is:crash
Spam / Not Spamis:spam / -is:spam
Languagelanguage:LanguageCode (en,de)
ReceivedreceivedAt:date (2019-01-08)
ScheduledreplyComposedAt:date (2019-01-08)
SentreplySentAt:date (2019-01-08)


Suggestions / Not suggestionsis:suggestion / -is:suggestion
FAQ items/ Not FAQ itemsis:faq / -is:faq
Keywords defined / without keywords has:keywords / -has:keyword
Languagelanguage:LanguageCode (en,de)


Open / Closedis:open / -is:open
Linked Issues / No linked issueshas:linkedissue / -has:linkedissue
Labelshas:Labelname / label:Labelname / -label:Labelname
Milestonemilestone:Milestonename (eg 4.1.1)