Here’s a roundup of improvements we’ve published in March.

Contact Form

  • Supports data-default attribute on select tag. It overrides the default product when it comes to choosing a default for the product drop-down on page load. Example: <select data-default="my other product"/>
  • Improved caching to make sure your customer sees most recent suggestions and FAQ items after each page load.
  • Fall back to default product if content of product_name attribute is unknown.
  • Fixed bug where ‘Suggestions’ and ‘Suggestions (Opened)’ metadata items were only transmitted if at least one FAQ item has been opened.

Message Composer

  • Shows paperclip next to subject if message has attachments.
  • Improved quote removal functionality.
  • Fixed inline image scaling in sent mails.
  • Don’t list inline images in the attachments section anymore to make it easier for the eye.
  • Don’t show snippets with keywords on top of the completion if query doesn’t match its keywords.


  • Search supports ‘has:shortcut’ and ‘has:-shortcut’ to include or exclude snippets with a shortcut.