Replies - Press Kit

We believe in direct communication between customers and the people who work on products or provide services.

Replies is a support tool which automatically gets smarter with each response and uses a range of automated features – such as language and product detection, plugins, and response suggestions.

It helps creators, developers, and small businesses handle support by themselves without decreasing the quality of their customer support.

Unique Features of Replies

  • Replies tracks your answers and saves them for future use – including attachments.
  • The more you use a reply, the higher it will rank for auto-completion.
  • Improve your snippets as you go to keep them up to date.
  • Code your own plugins for reply suggestions. This makes it easy to lookup licenses, special offers, or login information in your database and generate a response using that information.
  • Write responses whenever you want and schedule them for delivery at a later date. This is especially useful if you want to start the week with an empty inbox.
  • Replies' smart contact form saves your clients time and provides them with instant answers. Suggestions appear in the form while your customer is typing
  • Use Replies' analytics to assess your client's needs and improve your product. Find out which suggestions were useful to your customers (via the smart contact form) and which answers you needed the most.

Our Story

The idea for Replies started back in 2009, while Ruben was working on Mailplane. He was personally responsible for the support of the software he had created – and was getting overwhelmed with the workload that went along with quality customer support.

To make the process more efficient, Ruben came up with Replies for Mac – with results that not only helped him save more time but also stay connected with his customers.

In 2015, we decided to completely rebuild Replies from the ground up as a web application. Of course, we used it to support our own products (such as Mailplane, GrandTotal, Timings, and CheatSheet) from the very beginning.

By the end of 2016, we were inviting friends and beta testers to give Replies a try. Their response and our own experience with Replies gave us the confidence to release it officially mid-2017.

Additional Features

  • Enable autoresponders to let your customers know when you're away or unable to respond at the moment.
  • Replies knows how to respond using automatic product, language, and greeting detection.
  • Keep all your conversations in one place. Replies supports Twitter, Email, Gmail, and HockeyApp, as well as smart webpage and in-app contact forms. Use Replies' inbox to gather all your messages together and send responses across multiple channels without having to fire up different front-ends.
  • macOS SDK: Integrate Replies' powerful features (screen-capture, screen-recording, and automatic suggestions while typing) directly into your macOS app.
  • Use our desktop and mobile app to supercharge your daily support work.
  • Replies' built-in to-do function helps you to organize and comment on customer feedback. Collect feedback outside of your official to-do list (e.g. JIRA, Basecamp, etc.) until you are ready to start working on it.

Release Date

14 Jul 2017


$12 per user per month after 30-day free trial.


User Interface

Supported Response Languages
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch

System Requirements

Desktop browser version
Apple Safari 10+
Google Chrome (latest version)
Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
Internet Explorer 11+

Desktop and mobile app
macOS 10.10+
iOS 9.0+


Stefan Fürst, designer
Stefan first started developing Mac software in 2003. Since then, he has been working on developing productivity applications such as GrandTotal. He does conceptual work on Replies and uses it for his daily support work.

Lars Steiger, developer
Lars joined Mailplane in 2010. He developed Replies as web application and uses it to support Mailplane.

Ruben Bakker, advisor
Ruben started Mailplane in 2007 and released the initial version of Replies for Mac in 2012. Next to Mailplane, Ruben works on Evernote for Mac and serves as advisor for Replies.

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